Buèn Camino – beginning



Following the yellow arrows, bronze cockle shells and pilgrims in front, we commenced our Camino de Santiago on the streets of León.

The streets were still a buzz the previous night just on sunset at 10pm. Food, laughter and families blessed the streets like a smile to a face, full of joy and noticeable happiness. The aftermath of such enjoyment was being swept away by street sweepers and men armed with water hoses and hard brush brooms.

We walked with great excitement, charged with enthusiasm as our journey began. The early start showed the sunrise slightly presenting itself, the air was cool enough for a light long sleeve.

We quickly escaped the streets and roads of the city in exchange for peaceful countryside. The array of flowers and tall grass produced a fragrance which reminded me of home.

Several kilometres seen us with increasing hunger, Chozas de Abajo was the place to stop. Slapped on the road, a yellow painted arrow with “bar” written above was a sign that needed no introduction. It was here when my 1st experience of unfaithfulness in regards to my marriage unfolded. I was introduced to “tortilla de potata”, a fluffy egg style frittata, which suffocated soft potato slices. The flavour was simply orgasmic to my pilgrim tastebuds.


After a meal, long hot stretches of path paved a hard afternoons walk, short strides, fluid a plenty and a slow afternoon. We were relieved to see our destination in sight, it seemed as a mirage but aired a pinch of hope, we made it, victors! A sigh of relief, a sense of accomplishment a sign that the Camino was a force we should respect.

Buén Camino, hikerholman.


A new beginning

Blogging? Really? I’m nearing 35, aren’t I meant to be on my path already, knowing what I want to do with my life?

My name is Jason Holman, I have been married for 6 years now and have 2 beautiful kids. I live in Western Sydney, recently relocated our family from Melbourne primarily due to our daughters health condition.

It’s funny how things pan out in life, strange adventures, ups and downs, take you to the place where you are today, really shape who you as a person.

It wasn’t until our daughter was sick, a bit of depression and a stressful job, showed me the light into something I love…. Walking. Something so simple, so natural , being free. I noticed that I was becoming an introvert as my wife kept on trying to push me to see my friends. I needed something to get me out of the house and take me away from the days, weeks, months in hospital. I don’t know how I got into it, I think somehow it found me.

My adventure begun by deciding that I was going to hike into the stunning Wilson’s Promontory in Victoria’s southern most point. I was going to to walk… a whole 16km in 2 days. Just the thought of it blew my mind! I asked my mates “who’s coming with me”, blank stares followed and a few your crazy looks! Finally, one of my mates wives said ” I’ll go with you”, not what I was expecting and neither did her husband!

Anyway, we planned, geared up and made it happen, we walked 8km in one day and I was carrying 30kg’s worth of shit, I had packed for an apocalypse. I spent the night huddled behind a tarp, getting hammered by sideways rain, drinking ginger wine, followed by an early night. We walked out of camp and it took us the best part of a day to return to the car. What a trip, what an achievement, found a new passion instantly. Who new this would take me into the Prom again 50km’s in 2 days, across Papua New Guinea on the Kokoda Trail, over the Blue Mountains a couple of times and soon to be 322km’s of the Camino de Santiago, June 2016.


Thus brings me to the now, blogging. Why blog? I want to share some past and future hiking adventures. I really want to capture my upcoming Camino walk/pilgrimage in words and share this experience. I have read a few whilst researching my trip and I really enjoyed them, and found them very handy in regards to what to expect and the all important Pack List’s.

Hope you have enjoyed my 1st post, more to come…

As my wife calls me mockingly,